go without news


not quite in the liver
sad, now I guess since I left myself
no live happily go without news
stay sadness and grief
se so loose waves swept the shore
all that you love island wind deem ago
go without news
stay sadness and grief


do not want my own

I still like the old
You wait until the end of my life
Allegiance not fade
Hearts were willing to sacrifice
For the sake of the integrity of you and I

Let me have
All the love in your heart
Whatever it give
Love and longing
For you the desire of my heart

Tonight did not want me alone
I sought peace with shadow
I guess that is still warm hug
Do you love … you dear …

life filled with meaning

live like land and sea.
sometimes receding sometimes profusely ..
excited about it because it was the one with life, trees, animals, etc. was also in love fortune.
(We lost to the same period of the animal tree, etc.) hehehe
do not be easily discouraged, because despair was a key to success ..

there are few things the meaning of life.
meaning there will be a wealth of poverty
meaning sorrow will arise happiness
meaning the satisfaction will come suffering
diverse meanings depending permaslahan its all there
The most noble ..
the meaning of life will come death .

Readers’ wildlife photos

life is like the wind that blows

Why Evolution Is True

Now that he’s back from Hobbitland, Stephen Barnard has started sending us photos again. And I can’t believe I’m including d*gs as wildlife here, except that I like border collies best among all d*gs—and the puppies are cute. His report:

The weather conditions have been difficult and good photos have been few  and far between.

The first is a pair of Trumpeter Swans (Cygnus buccinator) at long distance. I like the color of the background.


The second is yet another Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) that are  common as dirt here but spooky.


Finally, my d*g, the Border Collie Deets [Canis lupus familiaris], in action yesterday, and in October 2010 as a pup (on the far left).


And reader Joe Dickenson sends what I think are our first photographs of clams:

I think this may be a new one for your wildlife series:  giant clams (Tridacna…

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